Plastic( stainless steel)water meter

Application:Measuring the valume of potable water passing through the pipeline
Feature:The watar meter for the environmenta pro: ection des gn, wading watc ncase, takeover, etc to choose environm ental angineeringas:ic cr stain ess stee manuacturing Movement cf water meter, performance, connec: on size is equal to other metal shell mster available with a variety of counters. hich cross movement and other remote trans mission structure PlAstic case and pressure parts selected higher mechanical strength of glass fibe rein'crced nylon PA68+ 35%GF accord wi:nnational standard" Reference plastic watchcase of cold water meter and technica specifica: ion for pressure parts". Materia shygieno: through t ho naticnal drir king watcr hoalth appraisal: Weather resistance of Matorial: hrough 2000 hours UV aging tostEquivalent to the Qinghai-T bet Plateau outdoor sun exposure fcr 6 years), through the high and low temperature test of emperature 85 C to low : emperature 25C. Des gn optimization: Structure optimization based on t ne characteristics cf ergp astics, the initial strength ot 5 M'A Hydrostatic pressure testing with a higher- evel halt aromatic nylon plastic watchcase Slainless sleel case, cover, lake over, nuts selected high qualily slainless s eel 304, and theri throughI piDe, 'crImI ng, welding and maching, corrosion protection, healt", beautiful, high strength, in theory can be repeated use N cycle Like other similar ser ies water meter, adhering to the advantages of dial antifouling easy o copy and read, long-li'e measurement Error of conventional typo was gradually to right: High sans itivity has a motoring of crop wator, initiating flow is ≤2Lh effect vely prevent water from being stole
1: Tochnical datc conforms tc Nationa standard GB/T 788 1 -3-2007ISC4064-1--3: 2005.IDT


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