1. Position: general worker

Number of people: 10

Education: junior high school or above

Gender: Unlimited

Contact: Xie Ludan

Tel.: 0574-63589778

Location: West Industrial Park, Xinpu Town, Cixi City

Relevant requirements:

Due to production needs, the company recruits front-line employees all year round. It is required to be under 40 years old, male and female, healthy, good eyesight, hard-working, able to adapt to overtime, and the hourly + piecework salary is more than 5000. Sign up at any time and go to work after employment.

Buy five insurances and provide Chinese food free of charge,

Location: West Industrial Park, Xinpu Town, Cixi City.

2. Position: Sales Manager

Number of people: 5

Education: college degree or above

Gender: Unlimited

Contact: Xie Ludan

Tel.: 0574-63589778

Location: West Industrial Park, Xinpu Town, Cixi City

Relevant requirements:

1. Under the age of 35, male or female, college degree or above, major in electronics, automatic control, communication, computer or marketing;

2. Have more than 1 year of experience in market development and sales, have a certain understanding and understanding of market and sales, and have a certain adaptability;

3. Have certain independent market development and sales ability, and be able to complete bidding under leadership;

4. Strong expression, communication and adaptability, hardworking, down-to-earth and willing to work, unity and self-discipline, and can travel frequently;

5. The marketing work of the company adopts flexible marketing methods. The treatment is: base salary + commission + bonus + five insurances + other benefits. At present, the annual income of most salespeople is between 100000-450000 yuan.

6. The sales area is generally other cities.

3. Production Minister:


1. Male, aged 35-45 years;

2. College degree or above in mechanical design, at least 2 years working experience in Manufacturing Director, strong communication skills and strong executive ability;

3. Be familiar with machining, hot stamping and process, and have a basic understanding of TCP / UDP communication;

4. Experience in production management is preferred.

Job responsibilities:

1. Organize to establish and improve the production command system, master the production progress according to the production operation plan, and improve the balanced scheduling of resources;

2. Hold regular production meetings to analyze the production situation and put forward solutions and measures;

3. Pay attention to equipment management and maintenance, put forward renewal and transformation plans, and regularly organize maintenance;

4. Strictly implement and implement 5S management in each workshop to optimize the production environment;

5. Strictly implement the red line of safety production, improve and prevent safety accidents from the aspects of man-machine, material, method and environment;

6. Coordinate the technical and quality problems in production, and organize to solve the problems in time;

4. Minister of Technology:


1. Male, aged 30-45 years;

2. College degree or above, familiar with 2D and 3D drawing, network communication or electronic communication;

3. Familiar with TCP / UDP communication; Rich basic knowledge of network communication;

4. Good expression and communication skills, strong logic;

5. Able to adapt to occasional short-term business trips.

Job responsibilities:

1. Product development configuration, testing, demonstration, training and technical guidance;

2. Organize the preparation and archiving of production process and technical specification documents;

3. Organize and solve the technical and quality problems encountered by the production department;

4. Project acceptance, preparation, filing, operation and maintenance of relevant documents;

5. Familiar with industry standards and industry specifications, peer associations, technical exchanges, sales technical support, etc.