1、 Strategic development system

With the development of the global economy, the company will be in line with the modern business philosophy of "quality and service", meet the requirements of new and old customers with first-class products and high-quality services, and remain invincible in the future market. Based on the tenet of quality first and reputation first, the company keeps forging ahead and innovating to establish the company's brand., Attract talents with their own characteristics and development prospects, improve the comprehensive quality of employees through a sound training system, and establish an effective incentive and competition mechanism to create a good platform and talent development space, which constitutes the talent strategic development system of Ningbo Jinhai Instrument Co., Ltd

2、 Talent concept

Talents are the resources of Ningbo Jinhai Instrument Co., Ltd. Without talents, it is difficult for enterprises to survive and develop well; Without the participation of excellent talents, the goal of the enterprise can not be achieved. Whether company leaders or workshop workers, whether technical engineers or the most ordinary employees, as long as they are competent for their own work, they are talents; Being able to innovate and develop is an excellent talent.

3、 Selection, employment, education and retention

1. Choose talents regardless of style: education will not be the most important factor for your development in the company. Whether you have the ability of continuous learning is the decisive factor for your development in the company. As long as you work hard in the right way, always look at your gains with a grateful heart, love learning and lifelong learning, the company will give you the greatest help and support for your growth.

2. Strengthen the cultivation of people: strictly enforce the training management system and strengthen the training of management quality and professional ability of managers; Ordinary employees improve their ability to adapt to their own work through pre job training, on-the-job skill training and assessment. Jinhai is a warm family with a good working atmosphere.

3. Jinhai's employment standards, through short-term grass-roots internships, find your best combination point in Jinhai, and you will have a post to display your talents. The post most suitable for you is the post you need.