Difference between rotor single flow water meter and rotor multi flow wet water meter

Rotor single flow meter is one of the most simple structure, smallest volume, lightest weight and lowest cost among all kinds of water meters. The requirements and functions of the main parts of the rotor single flow water meter are roughly the same as those of the rotor multi flow wet water meter. Here are some differences:

1. Watch case

Compared with multi beam water meter, single beam water meter has less gear box and impeller box, and some functions are borne by the meter case. If the inner hole on the upper part of the watch case is matched with the counter, it replaces some functions of the gear box. The water inlet and outlet hole of the watch case and the central screw hole of its inner hole replace the function of the impeller box. Therefore, the machining accuracy requirements of single flow meter case are much higher than those of multi flow meter. For example, it shall have high-precision hole diameter, roughness and tangent radius of inlet and outlet holes. The upper shoulder of the watch case and the central screw hole shall maintain a high coaxiality. Without high-precision multi station special machine tools, it is difficult to meet these requirements and achieve high production efficiency.

2. Adjusting plate

The single flow water meter has only internal mode but no external mode. Its error adjustment is achieved by changing the angle of the three adjustment plates under the counter. Its adjustment principle is similar to the up regulation plate in lxs-80 ~ 150 rotor multi beam water meter.

3. Water filtering net

The water filter screen of single flow water meter is a spherical sheet with many small holes. The water filter screen is placed at the inlet end of the watch case to block the passage of impurities in the water. However, limited by the diameter of the inlet end of the meter case, the total area of the holes of the water filter network is difficult to reach 1.5 times of the nominal diameter area of the water meter required by the design. Therefore, when the single water meter is slightly blocked by impurities in the water, under the same flow conditions, the water flow speed passing through the water filter and driving the impeller to rotate is greater than that before blocking, so as to increase the impeller speed and make the water meter faster. Therefore, single flow water meter has high requirements for water quality and flow field.

4. Lower tip

Only one stream of water in the single stream water meter drives the impeller to rotate, so when the impeller rotates at a higher speed, it always receives a thrust perpendicular to the tangent direction of the water flow, causing unilateral wear on the top. Therefore, the lower center is required to be made of wear-resistant materials.